Special Educational Needs Tribunal Work (SENDIST)


You may be in dispute with your child's Local Education Authority (LEA) about your child's Statement of Special Educational Need (SEN). You may be in dispute about the need for your child to have SLT or the frequency and nature of the SLT that the LEA have agreed to provide.


For any SENDIST report, formal assessment of the child's speech & language skills is necessary. Equally necessary and important is informal assessment.  This involves observing the child in their school - lessons and playtime -  as well as talking with teaching staff.  Informal assessment helps to identify the impact of their language difficulty on their social and emotional development as well as their ability to learn and show their learning.


Rebecca has attended the Bond Solon 2 day training on report writing and oral presentation; she has regular experience of assessing and writing reports for SENDIST Tribunals as well as attending tribunal hearings.  She resigned as the treasurer for the Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists Medico-Legal Special Interest Group but continues to attend the SIG meetings.  She is also a member of the Expert Witness Institute (EWI).




SENDIST Tribunal Charges


Hourly rate


Liaison with relevant personnel

Hourly rate charged pro rata

Attending SENDIST tribunal including travelling time

Hourly rate charged pro rata


Charged @ 0.40p per mile