Special Educational Needs Tribunal Work (SENDIST)


You may be in dispute with your child's Local Authority (LA) about your child's Educationa Health Care Plan (EHCP). You may be in dispute about the need for your child to have SLT or the frequency and nature of the SLT that the LEA have agreed to provide.


For any SENDIST report, formal assessment of the child's speech & language skills is necessary. Equally necessary and important is informal assessment.  This involves observing the child in their school - lessons and playtime -  as well as talking with teaching staff.  Informal assessment helps to identify the impact of their language difficulty on their social and emotional development as well as their ability to learn and show their learning.


I continue to attend RCSLT Medico Legal Clinical Excellence Network (CEN) meetings and take up opportunities to develop my report writing and presentation skills when opportunities arise.  I have provided reports for families living in Hampshire and Berkshire where I am known for a regular caseload but also further affield including London, Hertforshire, Kent, Northampstonshire, Buckinghamshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Devon, Somerset, Warwickshrie, Worcestershire, Surrey, Sussex, Wiltshire, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Leicestershire and South Wales.




SENDIST Tribunal Charges


Hourly rate



Attending SENDIST tribunal hearings including travel time

Hourly rate charged pro rata


I charge for 12 hours of my time to complete a full report that includes assessment, scoring up, liaison with teaching staff, reading reports and supplying two hard copies of the report along with a pdf copy also. This totals £960.


My travel time is an additional charge and charged at my hourly rate

and calculated using AA route planner