Rebecca runs a one day course

aimed at therapists

for practical advice

to use desktop video-conferencing

to provide their own service. 


You can see Rebecca talking about why you should use desktop vidoeconferencing to provide an SLT service

at Therapy Ideas Live in London on the 1st July 2013.



 Any therapist attending the course will gain:


1. clarification on the  terminaology used in tele-health and tele-medicine


2. knowledge base specific to SLT use of tele-technology


3. experience and practice using tele-technology


4. parameters to address specific to an SLT service

i) technology & systems to use

ii) session management

iii) clinical materials

iv) administration


5. sources of information


The course is based at Rebecca's home/Skype clinic in Berkshire.


The day costs £220 and includes a full day of training, refreshments and a light lunch as well as a follow up practice session using Skype or your preferred desktop video-conferencing system.


The course can be run for more than one delegate but Rebecca is also able to break up the training into bite sized chunks to provide through Skype if travel to REbecca is not practical.


For further information contact Rebecca directly

by phone on 01189700300 or email at