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How Skype SLT services work 


Speech & Language Therapy sessions provided using Skype are in conjunction with face-to-face SLT sessions and take the same format as face-to-face SLT sessions.  


Just like the face-to-face sessions activities specific to the child's communication difficulty are worked through, a summary is sent via email at the end of the session along with a personalised certificate for the child with specific feedback on their work in the session and a suggested activity to practice.  


However unlike the face-to-face sessions some of the activities are sent ahead via email and are available for reuse after the actual session.


Providing SLT sessions using Skype was the focus of my doctoral research at University College London which I completed in 2013.  


You can view Rebecca talking about her research and the benefits to using Skype to provide SLT at the Google Campus to an audience of 70 therapists in July 2013.


Skype SLT may be best for you

  • your child is over 6 years old
  • your child needs practice to get their message across
  • your child needs help to focus their attention
  • your child has a busy schedule
  • you want to be more involved in the SLT sessions

Skype SLT Charges 


60 minute session


30 minute session


Initial assessment



Mileage may be charged

@0.45 per mile


To take up the Skype SLT option you need:

  • a computer
  • a printer
  • a web cam
  • an email account
  • Skype programme


Skype is free to download

and calls between Skype accounts are free