Teletherapy Training for Speech & Language Therapists and other Health Professionals


Providing SLT sessions using Skype was the focus of my doctoral research at University College London which I completed in 2014.  The thesis was titled 'Researching the acceptability of using Skype to provide SLT for school-aged language impaired children'.


You can view my talk about the research and the benefits to using Skype to provide SLT at the Google Campus to an audience of 70 therapists in July 2013.



Training Package


The coronovirus Lockdown has meant that many therapists have suddenly found that they need to adapt their practice quickly and effectively.  My training package aims to help therapists achieve this in a timely but fun way that sets them up to get the most out of this way of working.

A guided way to provide your SLT Service through desktop video-conferencing


We each have our different ways of working especially when we work independently whilst adhering to national professional guidelines.  Providing an SLT service using desktop videoconferencing as we enter a period of uncertainty with the spread of coronavirus seems to be an instant solution to be able to continue to provide an SLT service to our clients  – there is a wide selection of systems to select from that are free to download but there are still adaptations to work out – What additional equipment will you need? How do you adapt my materials to work online? How can I manage the session? How do I provide feedback?.........


Providing an SLT service online is not a standard format because it has to work for you and be equivalent to your face-to-face practice.   I would be pleased to help you work out what you need to do to make your face-to-face practice adapt to an online medium.


I had the idea in 2007 to provide my independent SLT service online at a time when there was no guidance and researched the acceptability of using an online desktop video conferencing system to provide an SLT service.  I discovered the value of using Skype and other desktop video conferencing systems and continued to deliver my service online after the research was completed.


Up to two hours of time with Dr Rebecca Matthews in two parts

working through a Skype connection one-to-one

In two parts

1st -  to identify equipment needed and equipment adaptations

2nd - to practice 

Booking confirmed on receipt of payment - £120

Rebecca can be contacted using her email

Rebecca's doctoral thesis title: 

The‘acceptability’of Skype mediated Speech and Language Therapy  provision

to school aged language impaired children

can be accessed on the UCL webiste through this link: