How Face-to-Face sessions work ..... 



Speech & Language Therapy sessions provided face-to-face typically happen in the most convenient location for the child - school, nursery or home.   


Activities are tailored to the child's communication difficulties and presented as games - board, computer or worksheets.


After each session a summary is provided along with a suggested carry over activity till the next session.


The child is awarded a sticker and given feedback on their performance in the session.



Face-to-Face sessions may be best for you if 

  • your child is under 6 years of age
  • your child is in a school that welcomes outside therapists
  • you don't have a computer
  • you don't have a broadband connection

Face-to-Face Therapy Charges ....


60 minute session


30 minute session


Initial assessment


Mileage may be charged

@0.45 per mile



However, if a child lives too far away to be visited by the therapist then they can access their sessions using the Skype Speech & Language Therapy option.